Thermal Testing & Simulations

FTL's thermal chamber has been designed to meet the specifications of a number of different test methods, practices and specifications. We are able to conduct all the demanding standards in part to one of the largest hot boxes in the southeast. Our Thermal Hot Box used for measuring the thermal transmittance (U-Factor) or thermal resistance (R-Value) of building materials and by using an array of powerful fans to create a perpendicular wind direction, our Thermal chamber is capable of testing samples up to 10' high x 10' wide x 1' deep.

In additional to testing to the normal standards, FTL is capable of utilizing our powerful cooling system to bring our climate side well below -20F. The capabilities also exist to use our heating system on the climate side to have temperatures reach well above 120F. When completing your R&D at our facility, you will have a team of experts that have over 6 decades of combined experience.

FTL is NFRC approved laboratory for thermal simulation as well. Being accredited as an approved laboratory means savings to you before running your physical test. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most accurate and efficient services possible. With thousands of window, glass, spacer, and gas fill options available, finding the most efficient combination is important. Let us help you determine which options will provide the best thermal performance in your designs. Performing thermal simulations will result in valuable information for your product development team, covering all of your U-Value, R-Value, Condensation Resistance, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and Visible Transmittance. 

Typical Testing Methods

ASTM C 1363
ASTM C 1423
ASTM 1199
AAMA 1503
NFRC 100
NFRC 102
NFRC 200
NFRC 400 Air Infiltration
NFRC 500

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