Materials & Components Testing

The characterization of materials is the single most important step in understanding the processing-structure-property relationship, which often holds the key to successful problem-solving or product development. The Analytical Division was established to help clients develop solutions to challenges in manufacturing, quality assurance, and research and development.

Today, we provide materials testing, characterization, and forensic laboratory services for a wide range of commercial, industrial, regulatory, and law enforcement clients.

Our areas of expertise include steels and high-temperature alloys, metals and mechanical behaviour of materials and materials selection evaluation and processing and characterization of coatings and thin films, to name a few.

Our company-wide focus on customer service makes no project too large or too small. Our corporate research and development capabilities allow us to bring new methodologies on line quickly to meet new industry challenges and client needs. We are committed to providing reliable, defensible data in a standardized and user-friendly format. Rapid turnaround and competitive prices make the dependable results you get that much more valuable.

Typical Products Tested

  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Hardware
  • Anchors

Typical Testing Methods

  • ASTM A370
  • ASTM B117
  • ASTM B368
  • ASTM B557M
  • ASTM C39
  • ASTM C42
  • ASTM C109
  • ASTM C133
  • ASTM C140
  • ASTM C143
  • ASTM C271
  • ASTM C273
  • ASTM C321
  • ASTM C348
  • ASTM C365
  • ASTM C494
  • ASTM C642
  • ASTM C1550
  • ASTM C1583
  • ASTM C1604
  • ASTM C1609
  • ASTM D412
  • ASTM D638
  • ASTM D897
  • ASTM D1761
  • ASTM D4501
  • ASTM D5229
  • ASTM D7147
  • ASTM D7234
  • ASTM E8
  • ASTM E70
  • ASTM E72
  • ASTM E488
  • ASTM E529
  • ASTM E588
  • ASTM E605
  • ASTM E754
  • ASTM E894
  • ASTM E935
  • ASTM E987
  • ASTM F588
  • ASTM F606
  • ASTM F842
  • ASTM G85
  • AAMA 906
  • ASTM G155

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