Safety Glazing & Insulated Glass Testing

Our large environmental climate controlled insulated glass test facility can accommodate multiple specimens. Insulated glass samples are subject to environmental exposure to measure their performance for seal durability, weathering, and fogging; Insulating glass sample endure a combined total of 16 weeks for exposure to extreme temperature variations, ultraviolet exposure, and humidity.

FTL undertakes thorough performance characterizations before, during, and after temperature cycling to describe accurately any changes that occur during the different phases of testing. Some changes are transitory lasting only during a phase of testing; others are permanent due to irreversible damage to critical components that affect the overall system performance.

Certification of your insulated glass ensures their performance and therefore their widespread use in the building industry. attributes.


Test equipment includes:

  • Weather cycle chamber (WCT) freeze/heating, rain and UV
  • High humidity/high temperature chambers (HHC)
  • 95-100% RH and elevated temperature in (HHC)
  • Volatile fogging chambers (VFT) elevated temperature with UV
  • Dew/frost point test equipment
  • (cold cups/dry ice with thermocouples & indicators)
  • Digital indicators and controllers

Typical Products Tested

  • Insulated Glass Panels

Typical Testing Methods

  • ASTM E2188
  • ASTM E2189
  • ASTM E2190
  • ASTM E546
  • ASTM E576
  • AAMA 501.5
  • AAMA 501.6
  • Condensation Evaluation
  • Anchor Pullout

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