Field Testing

Field testing is conducted to ensure the quality of installation and the performance of the product, also to verify that the fenestration products are in compliance with architect and industry specifications. This is achieved by testing for air infiltration, water leakage, and structural performance on fenestration products and wall systems. FTL also conducts field testing on fasteners and roof systems as requested by our customers. The field tests conducted and the parameters of tests are generally prescribed by architects, engineers and industry specifications.

Fenestration Testing Laboratory's thorough understanding of field testing will ensure architects, building owners, consultants, glazing installers, and contractors that they are meeting contract obligations for new construction or renovation. This sequence of actions will reveal valuable insights to help resolve any issues.

Fenestration Testing Laboratories has several remote offices for field testing purposes only and have the ability to dispatch technicians to the job site at any time within 24 hours, making it easy and cost effective to our clients. FTL continuously stays in touch with our clients to review job specifications and drawings to confirm that the appropriate test procedures are specified. Fenestration Testing Laboratory takes care of test equipment, equipment calibration, and swing stage or scaffolding, if required, to ensure that work proceeds effortlessly.

Typical Products Tested

  • Windows 
  • Entrance Doors
  • Curtain Wall Systems
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Store Front Systems
  • Window Wall Systems
  • Skylights
  • Railings
  • Sloped Glazing Systems
  • Enclosures

Specific Tests

  • Anchors
  • Safety Glazing
  • AAMA 501.3
  • Concentrated Load

Typical Testing Methods

  • AAMA 501.1
  • AAMA 501.2
  • AAMA 501.3
  • AAMA 502
  • AAMA 503
  • ASTM E283
  • ASTM E330
  • ASTM E331
  • ASTM E547
  • ASTM E783
  • ASTM F842
  • ASTM F588
  • ASTM E987
  • ASTM 1105
  • TAS 202

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