Forensic Investigations

When water-leakage or moisture is in question, an investigation is needed before remedial action can be taken. As an expert in the fenestration field, Fenestration Testing Laboratory provides forensic investigation services to determine precise conclusion along with our expert opinion.

Fenestration Testing Laboratory provides these services to help architects, builders and consultants to verify that products are properly installed, identify the responsible individuals and prepare remedial plans. 

Fenestration Testing Laboratory forensic investigations include:

  • Visual site inspections of the interior and exterior to determine product deficiencies and workmanship
  • Evaluate design concept and job specifications
  • Reviewing construction change orders
  • Field testing to simulate conditions where leakage or moisture was first present 
  • Consultation and preparation of remedial work
  • Provide expert witness testimony, Investigation of Project documents, Installation instruction contracts and warranties.

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